Supplements To Help Improve Your Immune System

For traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, autumn, like spring, represents a crucial transition season that prepares us for a great energetic change. With its arrival, we must adapt our routines and eating habits in order to acclimatize to lower temperatures. These two traditional medicines recommend, for this time of transition, reducing the consumption of raw foods such as salads and returning to spoon dishes: increasing light cooking such as steam, increasing vegetable broths and creams, returning to hot infusions and intensifying foods that generate heat in the body, such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon, raw onion, pepper, oats, pumpkin, coriander, walnuts or buckwheat, to name but a few.

In addition to looking for this internal heat effect, we must also boost foods that strengthen the immune system in order to strengthen our overall health and be more prepared to face any external threat. These are vitamins, minerals and plants that can help us stimulate our defences. In this way, we will fight against bacteria and viruses, especially the most common at this time of year, such as respiratory diseases and infections.

Some of the supplements that we can find today in the market adequate to increase our defenses in seasonal changes are:

Vitamin D: Today a must for immunity, in fact, almost every cell has a receptor for vitamin D, and among all the extra skeletal functions it has is its role of suppressing adaptive immunity and promoting innate immunity.

Papaya: It is worth highlighting the properties of the FPP fermented papaya extract. It is a food supplement that stimulates the natural defenses increasing the immunity of the organism, besides having a high antioxidant and detoxifying power. It also contributes to rapid recovery after an effort, which is why it is very suitable for athletes. Osato International launched many years ago Immun’Âge FPP, a supplement in envelope format that became famous in Italy because it improved the state of health in the last years of Pope John Paul II. After him he has continued to be taken not only by the other popes but also by many people who have wanted to stay active and feel good even in those periods of stress or when the body is in greater demand, when it seems that batteries are needed without any overactive stimulant in itself. In fact, many elite athletes take it at times when they need to counteract oxidative stress.

Echinacea: A medicinal plant that stimulates the formation of white blood cells, the body’s natural defenses to protect against infection and neutralize viruses. We can find it in the form of drops, sprais, syrups or capsules.

Ginger: As a complement, we will find this root in capsules, powder and infusions. Improves digestion, acts as an antiemetic and anti-inflammatory, helps reduce dizziness and is used to relieve symptoms of flu, sinusitis and sore throat.

Cat’s Claw: Another medicinal plant that is used to increase the body’s defenses, as it acts as a natural antibiotic. We can consume it in capsules.

Royal jelly: It is a highly nutritious substance obtained from bees. Among its many effects and properties, it stimulates the nervous system and the immune system as it increases the proliferation of lymphocytes, ie defenses. You will find it in different presentations: mixed with honey, pollen and propolis, in capsules, tablets or fresh.